“When I Was Kid” (I Wanna Be ______)

Do you remember when your teacher asked you to write your dream jobs on the board in front of the class ?
Do you remember the feeling of curiosity, anxiousness, happiness when you’re going to have it ?

Remember the days when the most important thing was your own happiness. Not someone else, not your parents, only yours
Remember those times when you’re obsessed only on your dream ?
Remember the sensation on that moment ?

Can you still remember it ?
This is one of the easiest way to recall that spirit. So enjoy your journey.

No matter what your dream job was, you’ve grown up beautifully.

Keep up the good job..
Keep up the spirit

*) some detail on the ‘giant’ blackboard

*) some detail on the ‘giant’ blackboard

the board on day1

the board on day2

“When I Was Kid” (I Wanna Be ______ )

site specific on mall

600cm x 200cm


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