I cannot believe, that the day has finally come. My very first solo exhibition.

Been waiting for this for over a years.

What a good way to end this year, yet a great way to beginning the journey.

So, see you later guys! 😀


You can download the e-catalog here:  IAMYOU-MARADITA for Hires file

Or, you can download here: IAMYOU-MARADITA for Lowres file


My greatful thanks for Galeri Gerilya, and for all true friends who stayed,

and future friends whom not met yet.

xo-Maradita Sutantio


PS: The exhibition runs until Desember 23rd – @GaleriGerilya – Jl. Raden Patah No.12

PSS: Attention (!) One of the artwork is video art installation, and only play 1 hour each day at 17.00 -18.00. Don’t miss it!

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