Solo Project; EQUANIMITY

Solo Project; EQUANIMITY

Maradita Sutantio Solo Project
Curated by : Sally Texania
Saturday, JUNE 1 2013 | 3pm
Saturday, JUNE 1 2013 | 5pm
Artsphere – Kemang Icon
Kemang Raya no : 1 Unit 2
Maradita Sutantio (b.1984) developes her interest towards fiber art since her bachelor education in Textile Art Departement of  the ITB (Bandung, Indonesia) and since then her works mostly based on her interest toward thread’s potential in contemporary arts.
This solo exhibition aims to showcase maradita’s intimate and intensive experimentation of materials where she stitchs her thread on the ‘un-imaginable’ surfaces such as wood, alumunium and walls. These experimentation is an attempt of the artist to convey her philosophical approach towards human’s existence that continuosly adapt with society, ‘converting’ identity, and negotiate to find harmony. In this journey, time is not seems as a linear dimension where individual is racing towards it’s acceleration. Maradita captures time as a non-linear phase where human and the circumtances foster a stage of balance.
For further inquiries please contact Artsphere Gallery : (021) 7199719 or Sally Texania 087822117107

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