Kondisi kehidupan manusia pada kota besar, membuat masyarakatnya diterpa berbagai arus peristiwa, kejadian dan pengaruh yang hadir melalui bentuk-bentuk penyebaran ideologi yang semakin hari semakin divergen dan tendensius. Hal tersebut membawa dampak terhadap kondisi psikologis sebagian orang dalam kehidupan kesehariannya yang bersifat keduniaan (mundane) dan banal – hingga pada akhirnya membuat manusia ‘semerawut’ dan kehilangan moment-moment kedirian.

Sebagai salah satu upaya untuk mengurai kesemerawutan tersebut, saya meminjam konsep meditasi yang melatih tingkat kesadaran tubuh, pengkayaan pengalaman, dan jeda temporal dalam pemikiran seseorang yang dihadirkan dalam bentuk kegiatan sehari-hari yang bersifat meditatif sebagai sebuah runutan kegiatan spiritual yang tersublimasi.

stirring detail

“Stirring Song”
Installation and performance

Katalog Pameran Emang Jadi Omongan dapat diunduh: disini

Thank you: Asmujo Jono Irianto

Duto Hardono, Alrezky Caesaria, Hasrul, Vilhamy, Platform3, Galeri Hidayat.


KATALOG On Materiality-1 KATALOG On Materiality-2 KATALOG On Materiality-3 KATALOG On Materiality-4 KATALOG On Materiality-5 KATALOG On Materiality-6 KATALOG On Materiality-7 KATALOG On Materiality-8

On Material(ity) Exhibition

5-6 Juni 2015 – Galeri Hidayat, Bandung.


Curator: Maradita Sutantio

Preface text: Kiki Rizky Soetisna Putri


Poster design: Patra Aditia

Photo courtesy: Grace Sahertian


Download here for pdf: CATALOG On Material(ity)


Thank you Arini Arumsari and Telkom University for having me.

Identity Parade – The Opening Night

Hi! ‘Identity Parade’; Maradita Sutantio’s Solo Exhibition been opened at Friday, December 12th,2014 a go.

We’ve also have artist talk and discussed about Maradita’s latest works.

Here some photos from that night, enjoy!

PS: online catalog will be launched soon. 😀

DSC_7994 DSC_8105 DSC_8112 DSC_8117 DSC_8119 DSC_8123 DSC_8002 1928395_10152631950559315_6859332233643035518_n 10455941_10152631947204315_7984213918985395646_n mtf_fJghj_580.jpg

Photo courtesy: Maradita, Henry, The Mogus, and Emonk.

Music Performance: Friday Night Jazz ViaVia by Travel Band

ViaVia Café & Alternative Art Space| Jl. Prawirotaman 30 Yogyakarta
Exhibition continued until January 12th, 2015.


Hi all..
Maradita was featured on a charity event and exhibition to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (last month – Desember 2013) with others great 12 international artists.
The charity exhibition was a success, we were able to raise severe thousand dollars for the victims. The event was held from 22 November thru 6 December at Deutsche Bank Singapore, Raffles Quay.
Some faith in humanity – has been RESTORED! 🙂
Thank you for this great oportunity..

Frying Tahu

Frying Tahu;

– views of spirituality through illustration works from two poles –

Frying Tahu (“tahu” means “bean curd” in Indonesian, but can also means “to know”) is an exploration that aims to have a self confrontation by bringing with us our respective backgrounds, towards the diversity of some concepts of life. Through them, the way we perceive and conduct our lifestyle are based on; those are: Spirituality and Assumption/Supposition.

The Interpretation of spirituality in this project is not only through the concept of something transcendent, immanent or anything that connect into a religious idea, but also through views that rotate around materialism, atheism, and other common ideologies that perceive a universal spiritual system as being dogmatic. -Febrianto Pudi Utama –


Maradita’s work about spirituality in Indonesia

Thread and watercolors on canvas

Ø 30 cm


Maradita’s work about spirituality in Italy

Thread and watercolors on canvas

Ø 30 cm

On this project, we did a collaborative works between Indonesian and Italian artist. Febrianto as head project and curator – wrote; this collaborative effort is a simple step in order to open a gap in exposing the phenomena and refreshing the people who are involved, whether they are the artists who interact directly or appreciators who see the outcomes ready to be presented. Frying Tahu is also a small effort to avoid the tendency to have a one direction mindset and having partial point of views, which lead to move forward with strong but incorrect assumptions/suppositions about our own selves, another being, and also about what “we know”, and what “we do not know”.

COLABORATIONMaradita and Vittorio Angotti ‘s collaboration.

thread and watercolos on canvas

Ø 30 cm

Roy Voragen wrote two essays to accompany the Frying Tahu exhibition, 

“Navigating the sublime and the profane”, see here: http://bit.ly/1aeobRO  ,and:

“The Sublime, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the transcendental in dialog” , see here:http://bit.ly/14XqzIM


more about FRYING TAHU, please visit: http://fryingtahu.tumblr.com/

Promised Land

PromisedLand detail - Maradita1

“Promised Land”
fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) human bones, yarn, plant seeds.
150 x 150 x 30cm (interaction and instalation)

PromisedLand - Maradita

Promised Land connected to ‘Vector Equilibrium’ yarn instalation on wall

PromisedLand detail - Maradita2

Detail of plant seeds

PromisedLand detail - Maradita3

Something grows out of other’s death

PromisedLand - MaraditaPromised land instalation, exhibited at Maradita’s second solo project Equanimity at Artsphere Gallery

-June, 2013-