Connect The Dot -2 “Hands Above”

connect the dot 2-3 maradita

Connect The Dot -2 “Hands Above”

Thread on wood plank (installed at wall)

250cm x 120 cm


connect the dot 2-4 maradita connect the dot 2-5 maraditaHands Above exhibited and installed for Maradita’s solo exhibition; Equanimity.

Laboratory Life

“Laboratory Life”

Plant seeds, metal & brass chain, tube test, tube rack.

21 x 21 x 15 (cm)


The seeds will grow in 15 days (and more).

Will post the progress each days via twitter & instagram, please do find @atidaram – #LaboratoryLifeJournal
PS: (If you do not have access to twitter & instagram, don’t worry. I’ll post a journal of it’s growth at the end of the exhibition.)