No Greater Love



Pengorbanan  dan kasih hadir ditengah-tengah manusia dalam rasa dan bentuk yang universal. Meskipun kehadirannya dinamakan dengan beragam istilah dan terminologi, pengorbanan tetap bermakna sama. Pengorbanan dilakukan karena keyakinan; yakin atas kebaikan yang akan hadir setelahnya.

Saat konsep berkorban hadir dan manusia mulai memaknai dan berusaha membuatnya menjadi rasional, maka saat itu juga esensi nilai pengorban dan kasih seringkali mengalami pergeseran ke arah negatif dan merugikan. Hubungan antara pengorbanan dan kasih tidak terhubung secara kausalitas. Pengorbanan tidak berarti sama dengan menjadi korban. Bukan. Sama sekali bukan begitu.

Pengorbanan, merupakan bentuk kelapangan hati untuk mengalah, menyerahkan segalanya, bahkan menyerahkan diri sendiri atas suatu dorongan. Dorongan tersebut merupakan sesuatu yang berlandaskan kasih dan keyakinan.

Dorongan yang membebaskan.


Amy Winehouse, pada karyanya ia menyatakan, “There is no greater love than what I feel for you, There is no greater thrill than what you bring to me, You are the sweetest thing I have ever known, and to think that you are mine alone”.  Namun hal tersebut tidak berlaku bagi pohon karet. Pohon karet tidak seperti Amy yang ingin menyimpan suatu kebajikan untuk diri sendiri, tidak.

Pohon karet, mengorbankan tubuhnya untuk dirobek, disadap, dan ditoreh agar manusia dapat memperoleh getah pohon karet yang nyatanya bermanfaat untuk kita. Dapat dibayangkan bagaimana jika tidak ada produk-produk olahan dari getah pohon karet, nasi kuning yang kita beli di belokan jalan akan berserakan sebelum kita berhasil memakannya untuk sarapan di rumah, kendaraan yang kita naiki tidak ada ban, tidak ada alas kaki, tidak ada tali kolor dan BH! XD

Well, itu baru urusan pengorbanan pohon karet. Bayangkan jika tidak ada ‘the great sacrifice’. Hmmm..

You can find your best way to catch this spiritual expression with your own terminology. Like I said before – it’s came on universal form. Some people might be fit on religion concept, some people most comfortable saw this example on the nature, or universe, but for me. Good Friday and His own sacrifice inspired me the most.

World without the holy sacrifice is unimaginable – well at least for me. 🙂


Sebagian orang mengorbankan waktu dan tenaga untuk pasangannya – karena cinta katanya.

Sebagian orang mengorbakan cita-cita pribadinya untuk anak-anak dan keluarganya.

Kemudian, ada satu orang. Satu. Orang. Saja.

Dia melakukan satu pengorbanan yang maha besar. Orang yang melepaskan seluruh kemuliaan dirinya, orang yang rela menanggung segala kesalahan-kesalahan kita. Suatu pengorbanan terbesar dan terpenting, Dia; Yesus – yang mengorbankan dirinya sendiri. Untuk saya. – Kamu juga tentunya.

Dan, itu yang terpenting.

Selamat paskah.


“No Greater Love”

420 x 165 cm

Rubber band and nails on wall


Installed at Inspire Community Center (ICC) ; Fave Hotel – 6th floor, Cihampelas Bandung.



There is no greater love than that one lay down his life for others.

There is no greater love that the sacrifice that’s given.

There is no greater love than own’s sacrifice.


Thank you for the sacrifice You have given.

Super Thank You to ICC for having me, really really lucky and bless to serve.


(Later after the works done.. )

There’s an interviewer asking about this work.

So, There’s me, -you know- telling and explaining the concept behind this work with some theory, semiotics signs, “boring stuff” and etcetera.. (Hehehe) And then..  At the end of the interview..

Suddenly.. I’m feel so glad I do this work!

I really do!!

At some point, I’m glad and liberated.

I’m doing this not to prove anything about my self or to showed up about how good I am at making art. No!!

I’m glad, because I’m telling about how great He is!!

And that the only important thing.


You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give. -Eleanor Roosevelt-

A Gap Of Infinite


A Gap Of Infinite; Malfunction Parents

Thread and acrylic on canvas

150cm (diameter)



A Gap Of Infinite is exhibited at: ARTE, Indonesian Art Festival -2014.


“Parents are always have to be disagree to their child.

Otherwise, they’re gonna be malfunction.

But on that gap, comes infinite love between them.”


Frying Tahu

Frying Tahu;

– views of spirituality through illustration works from two poles –

Frying Tahu (“tahu” means “bean curd” in Indonesian, but can also means “to know”) is an exploration that aims to have a self confrontation by bringing with us our respective backgrounds, towards the diversity of some concepts of life. Through them, the way we perceive and conduct our lifestyle are based on; those are: Spirituality and Assumption/Supposition.

The Interpretation of spirituality in this project is not only through the concept of something transcendent, immanent or anything that connect into a religious idea, but also through views that rotate around materialism, atheism, and other common ideologies that perceive a universal spiritual system as being dogmatic. -Febrianto Pudi Utama –


Maradita’s work about spirituality in Indonesia

Thread and watercolors on canvas

Ø 30 cm


Maradita’s work about spirituality in Italy

Thread and watercolors on canvas

Ø 30 cm

On this project, we did a collaborative works between Indonesian and Italian artist. Febrianto as head project and curator – wrote; this collaborative effort is a simple step in order to open a gap in exposing the phenomena and refreshing the people who are involved, whether they are the artists who interact directly or appreciators who see the outcomes ready to be presented. Frying Tahu is also a small effort to avoid the tendency to have a one direction mindset and having partial point of views, which lead to move forward with strong but incorrect assumptions/suppositions about our own selves, another being, and also about what “we know”, and what “we do not know”.

COLABORATIONMaradita and Vittorio Angotti ‘s collaboration.

thread and watercolos on canvas

Ø 30 cm

Roy Voragen wrote two essays to accompany the Frying Tahu exhibition, 

“Navigating the sublime and the profane”, see here:  ,and:

“The Sublime, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the transcendental in dialog” , see here:


more about FRYING TAHU, please visit:

Promised Land

PromisedLand detail - Maradita1

“Promised Land”
fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) human bones, yarn, plant seeds.
150 x 150 x 30cm (interaction and instalation)

PromisedLand - Maradita

Promised Land connected to ‘Vector Equilibrium’ yarn instalation on wall

PromisedLand detail - Maradita2

Detail of plant seeds

PromisedLand detail - Maradita3

Something grows out of other’s death

PromisedLand - MaraditaPromised land instalation, exhibited at Maradita’s second solo project Equanimity at Artsphere Gallery

-June, 2013-