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Di-Meja Makan – The Effortless Meditation series

di meja makan 1

“Di Meja Makan -1”

video 60 minutes

 cutleries and installation dimension: 200x60x70cm



di meja makan 2

“Di Meja Makan -2”

video 60 minutes

installation and artifacts dimension: cutleries, 4 chairs, and a round table 120cm (d)


di meja makan 3

“Di Meja Makan -3”

participatory performance- duration 45 minutes

held on Galeri Soemardja


Effortless Meditation The Series – Performance

All the works on this Effortless Meditation’s series is driven and motivated by Maradita’s personal experience of practicing meditation, and also by her background. The artist’s background becomes a daily projection on today’s human relationship as a citizen in Indonesia, it’s complex, divergent, tendentious, and intolerant these day.

It’s manifestated in the performance that she does periodically.

Poster: by Alrezky Caesaria